History Long Term Plan

Year GroupAutumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
NurseryUnderstanding the World Around Them: Families and key festivals: bonfire night, Diwali and Christmas


Understanding the World Around Them: Families and key festivals
ReceptionUnderstanding the World Around Them: Families and key festivalsUnderstanding the World Around Them: Dinosaurs


Local history study: Children finding out about jobs, games and entertainment


Year 1King Harold and the Battle of Hastings


Homes and local communities

Local history study: examining local housing and who lived here


Space and Neil Armstrong


What does it take to become a great explorer? Captain Cook, Amy Johnson, Ranulph Fiennes



Year 2The Great Fire of London:

How do we know so much about what happened in the Great Fire of London?

How have the roles of women have changed in history? Who is the greatest history maker?


The Titanic: Why did Delila buy a new hat?


Local history study: Examine the importance of the forest to people in the past and present.


Year 3Stone Age through to the Iron Age

How did the lives of ancient Britons change during the Stone Age?

What is the secret of the standing stones?

(Bronze Age Britain)

How do artefacts help us understand the lives of people in Iron Age Briton?

Romans: How did the arrival of the Romans change Britain?Anglo-Saxons: Who were the Anglo Saxons and how do we know what was important to them?


Local history study: Is Waltham Abbey  King Harold’s final resting place?

Year 4Vikings from 793AD to 1066AD:

What did the Vikings want in Britain and how did Alfred help to stop them getting it?


Maya Civilisation:

Why did the ancient Maya change their way of life?

Shang Dynasty.

Local history study: Why and how has the use of Copped Hall changed?


Year 5Ancient Egypt:

What happened to the boy behind the golden mask?

North America:

The History of Space Travel – The Space Race

What are the key event in America history that led to President Obama being elected?

Victorian Britain including a local history study on the impact of the Industrial Revolution (William Morris, Dr Barnardo and Thomas Leverton)


Year 6World War:

Why was winning the Battle of Britain in 1940 so important?

Douglas Bader – squadron leader in North Weald

Examine children’s family history and links with the war.


Ancient Greece:

The story of The Trojan Horse: historical fact, legend or classical myth?

Local history study:

Dick Turpin – Villain or Foe?