Newsletter: 11 May 2012

Headteacher’s Comments

As part of our whole school topic this term ‘A Diamond Olympics’, the Deputy Lord Lieutenant visited the school to talk about the Royal Family.  Today I received a letter from him praising the children.  It is always nice to hear about the good things we do at the school, especially from visitors.  A copy of his letter is printed on the back of this newsletter.

Whole School Photograph

As last year, at the end of our visit on Tuesday we had a whole school photograph taken (copy can be seen in the school foyer).  If you would like to purchase the photograph (9” by 6”), please return the slip at the bottom of the page.  The cost is £3.


Well doe to Oliver Katz, Shanice Lolomari and Bisma Zubairi for received Green Cards for their excellent writing homework.  Well done to Ben McFadden, Sophie Lewis, Theodora Shiakallis, Alisha Cakirgoz and Ceylan Corakkum received Green Cards this week.  Well done to Brooke Wilkinson, Leo Strange, Veronica Bergamino and Gabriela Musollari for her wonderful art work.  Well done everyone.


Well done to Mrs Sach’s class who won Best Attendance Last week.

Special Lunch

Next Week’s Special Lunch (Tuesday 15 May) is celebrating ‘USA’ cuisine.  Children will have a choice of Beef Burger with Fries or Veggie Burger and Fries, mixed salad with a ranch dressing and American Pancakes with maple syrup.

Inappropriate Language

A number of teachers have again spoken to me about the use of inappropriate language by children, for example swearing and use of sexual terms.  Please be careful what internet websites, television programmes, DVDs and computer games your child is exposed to.  Also, if you do hear your child repeating anything inappropriate, please reinforce that it is unacceptable.  I would appreciate your support in this matter.

Lost Key

A key has been found on the playground.  Please contact the office for more details.

Year 6 SATs

Good luck to all the Year 6 pupils sitting their SATs next week.  Please make sure all children have a good night sleep, eat breakfast and are in school in plenty of time.

Dates for your diary

Mon 14 May                 Year 6 SATs week

Mon 14 May                Spanish Club Starts

Tues 15 May                 Special Lunch- USA

Thurs 31 May               Break up from school

Thurs 31 May               Special lunch- Street Party

Thurs 31 May               Inflatable Fun Day/ Evening

Mon 11 June                 Return to school

Tues 12 June                 Special Lunch- Norway

Mon 18 June                 Year 6 Residential

Tues 19 June                 Year 6 Residential

Thurs 28 June               Open Evening 5-7pm