Newsletter: 12 July 2013


Well done to Charlie Pegrum (Mrs Watson’s Class), Demi Hoffman (Mrs Raddon’s Class) Hermione Scott, Ella Freeman, Taya Hunter, Ayisa Burke, Reece Vallance, Rico Thomas, Alesha Wade, Scarlett Warren, Jamie Ryan (Mrs Sach’s Class), and Francesca Wood (Miss O’Riordan’s Class) who received Green Cards this week.


Your child will come home tonight with their reports.  In the reports your child’s class teacher will inform you about your child’s progress.  Progress is based upon your child’s attainment at the end of Year 2.  The table below shows where your child should be, based upon their attainment at the end of Year 2.


Key Stage OneYear 3Year 4Year 5Year 6


We monitor all progress very carefully.  If your child joined us at a level 2A or 3C they may still be working above the National Average for their year group, but may not have made the progress expected of their ability


Well done to Mrs Westney and Ms Cromwell’s Class who had the best attendance for the second week running.

Meals Next Week






Pasta Bolognaise


Cheese & Vegetable Flan




New Potatoes


Apple Pie & Ice Cream/ Fruit/Yoghurt


Sweet & Sour Chicken


Vegetarian Sausage




Mashed Potato/Rice


Pineapple Upsidedown Cake & Custard/Fruit/Yoghurt

Roast Gammon


Creamy Vegetable Pie


Vegetables/ Salad


Roast Potatoes


Strawberry Whip & Shortbread Finger/Fruit/Yoghurt

Turkey & Sweetcorn Pie


Pizza Selection


Herby Potatoes


Vegetables/ Salad


Creamy Rice Pudding/Fruit/Yoghurt

Hot Dog in a Roll


Vegetable Burger


Chips/ Vegetables/ Salad


Chocolate Cornflake Cake/ Fruit/ Yoghurt

Library Books

There are still over 60 Library Books that have not been returned.  If your child’s library book is lost then a charge of £5 will be incurred.

Homework Club (Tuesday 16 July)

The last Homework Club will be on 16 July 2013.  Homework Club will then restart in September.  Please make sure your child brings homework with them.  If they do not bring homework, you will be contacted to come and collect your child.

Art Club (Wednesday 17 July)

The last session of Art Club will be next Wednesday.

Meet the Teacher Evening (Thursday 5 September 7pm)

Advance notice that our ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening is on Thursday 5 September starting at 7.00pm.  This is your chance to meet your child’s new teacher and hear what your child will be getting up to next year.

Swimming Girls

Well done to the Girls’ Swimming Team who came second this morning at the District Swimming Gala and the Boys’ Swimming Team who came 5th.

Dates for your Diary

Tues 23 July                 Break up from school (3:15pm)

Wed 4 September        Return to school (8:45am)

Thurs 5 September       Meet the Teacher Evening (7.00pm)

Sat 28 September         Autumn Fair

Fri 25 October             Break up from school (3:15pm)

Tues 5 November         Return to school (8:45am)

Fri 8 November            Firework Evening

Fri 20 December          Break up from school (3:15pm)

Mon 6 January 2014    Return to school (8:45am)

Thurs 13 February        Break up from school (3:15pm)

Mon 24 February         Return to school (8:45am)

Fri 4 April                    Break up from school (3:15pm)

Tues 22April                Return to school (8:45am)

Mon 5 May                  May Bank Holiday

Thurs 22 May               Break up from school (3:15pm)

Mon 2 June                  Return to school (8:45am)

Tues 22 July                 Break up from school   (3:15pm)