Newsletter: 13 July 2012

Headteacher’s Comments

Thank you to everyone who came and watched the Olympic Torch relay, what a lovely atmosphere!  I hope you are all keeping your freebies; they may be worth a lot in years to come!!

Sports Day

We did it! Finally the rain stayed off long enough for us to run Sports Day.  Thank you to everyone who managed to come and watch (at last).  Fingers crossed for fine weather next year!  Zara Phillips’ Yellow Team won, but all the children who took part had a great time and played well.


Your child will come home tonight with their reports.  In the reports your child’s class teacher will inform you about your child’s progress.  Progress is based upon your child’s attainment at the end of Year 2.  The table below shows where your child should be based upon their attainment at the end of Year 2.


Key Stage OneYear 3Year 4Year 5Year 6


We monitor all progress very carefully.  If your child joined us at a level 2A or 3C they may still be working about the National Average for their year group, but may not have made the progress expected of their ability.


Well done to Alfie Wright, Liam Nelson and Jay Stevens who received Green Cards for good independent work.


Well done to Ms Stafford’s class who won best attendance this week.

Fabulous Finish

Next Wednesday afternoon, from 2.30pm onwards, all parents are invited in to class to see their children’s project work on “A Diamond Olympics”, our theme for this term. 

Last Day of term

This is a reminder that we finish school next Friday (20 July) at 3:15pm.


There is a PTA meeting next Monday (16 July) starting at 9:00am.


Now is the time to get your child’s ears pierced.  Children have to take their earrings out for PE so please make sure you have your child’s pierced at the beginning of the holidays, in order for them to take part in PE lessons in September.

Meet the Teacher Evening

Advance notice that our ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening where you have a chance to hear what your child will be getting up to next year, is on Thursday 6 September starting at 7.00pm.

Dates for your diary

Tues 17 July                 Year 6 Play 2.00pm

Wed 18 July                 Year 6 Play 5.00pm

Fri 20 July                    Break up from school

Wed 5 September        Return to school

Sat 15 September         Autumn Fair

Wed 19 September      King Harold Road Show

Fri 26 October             Break up from school

Mon 5 November         Return to school

Fri 9 November            Fireworks Display

Tues 18 December       Christmas Carol Concert (1:30pm)

Thurs 20 December      Break up from school


Mon 7 January             Return to school

Thurs 14 February        Break up from school

Mon 25 February         Return to school

Thursday 28 March      Break up from school

Mon 15 April               Return to school

Mon 6 May                  May Bank Holiday

Thurs 23 May               Break up from school

Mon 3 June                  Return to school

Tues 23 July                 Break up from school