Newsletter: 13 June 2014


Well done to India Woods, Elsie Peck, Robyn Kaminski, Ania Pinnington, Csongor Farkas, Ruby Gambrill, Demi Hoffman (Mrs Watson’s Class), Neila Ali (Mrs Sach’s Class), Ella Freeman, Kerim Taylor-Salih, Hermione Scott (Mrs Haslehurst’s Class), Jamel Johnson-Trent (Miss Biggs’s Class) who received Green Cards this week.



Well done to Miss Kent’s class who had the best attendance this week with 98.8%.

PTA Meeting (Wednesday 18 June)

The next PTA meeting will be held next Wednesday at 9am.

Open Evening (Tuesday 24 June- 5-7pm)

Our summer Open Evening is on Tues 24 June, between 5:00pm and 7:00pm.  This gives you the chance to look at some of your child’s work over the past year, have an informal chat with your child’s current teacher and to introduce yourself to your child’s teacher for next year.

Sports’ Day (Friday 4 July- 9am)

We can now confirm the dates for Sports’ Day.  Providing the weather is fine Sports’ Day will be held on Friday 4 July.   If not, then it will be held on Tuesday 15 July.  It will start at 9am.  Parents and Grandparents are more than welcome to come and watch Sports’ Day.


The PTA committee will be running a stall on the day selling Bacon and Sausage Rolls/ Teas/ Coffees/ Soft Drinks and Ice Poles.  Children will be able to purchase drinks at break time (11:00 to 11:20am).

Year 6 Residential (Monday 7 July- Wednesday 9 July)

Final details regarding the Year 6 Residential was sent out earlier in the week.  Please make sure all forms are completed and returned to the school office by next Friday (20 June).

Whole School Photograph

This year’s whole school photograph, taken outside the National Gallery, will be on display in the main entrance after half term.  To get a copy of the photograph, please return the slip at the bottom of the page by Friday 20 June.  Photographs (9×6”) cost £3.


The Circus

Box Office Sales – Tickets will be available to the School and public from Monday, 9 June.  Please pop along to purchase the last remaining tickets in the Juniors’ playground.  For your information, there will be no animals performing in the circus.


Yet again I have been contacted by a local resident unhappy about the inconsiderate parking by some parents.  I have also noticed a rise of parents using the entrance by the electronic gate as a drop off area.  We are all responsible for the children’s safety so please park considerately, obeying the road markings and do not use the front gate as a drop off.

Changes to Talk Homework

From next week, Talk homework will be given out at the same time as the other homework on a Friday.  Talk Lunch will be moving to a Wednesday.  Children will be expected to make notes in their homework book of conversation they have had around the week’s topic.


Football Maths Challenge


FIFA have announced changes to the football kits to be worn in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.

All teams must select their kit from the following options:

Shirt – red, yellow, orange or green.

Shorts – black, white or blue.

Socks – red or green.

Boots – must be black.


All items have to be made of a single colour.  There is to be no patterns, logos or sponsors.

How many different combinations could the teams choose from?

Use the kit outline (available on the maths challenge board) to help you create all the possible kit combinations.



Excluding qualifying and warm up games, how many games would England have to play in order to reach the final?



Using the team lists, announced by FIFA, can you find the three most common first names of players in the 2014 World Cup?

Dates for your diary

Mon 16 June                           Spanish Club (8:15am)

Tues 24 June                           Open Evening (5-7pm)

Fri 27 June                              Transition Day (All Years)

Fri 27 June                              Circus (4:30pm and 6:30pm)

Fri 4 July                                 Sports Day (9:00am)

Mon 7 July                              School Closed- Tour de France

Mon 7 July- Wed 9 July          Year 6 Residential

Wed 9 July                              District Sports (Track Events)

Tues 15 July                            Reserve Sports’ Day

Thurs 17 July                           Year 6 Production (2 performances)

Tues 22 July                            Break up from school (3:15pm)

Wednesday 3 September        Return to school (8:45am)

Friday 24 October                   Break up from school (3:15pm)

Monday 3 November              Return to school (8:45am)

Friday 19 December               Break up from school (3:15pm)


Monday 5 January                   Return to school (8:45am)

Thursday 12 February             Break up from school (3:15pm)

Monday 23 February               Return to school (8:45am)

Friday 27 March                      Break up from school (3:15pm)

Monday 13 April                     Return to school (8:45am)

Thursday 21 May                    Break up from school (3:15pm)

Monday 1 June                                    Return to school (8:45am)

Friday 17 July                          Break up from school (3:15pm)



WholeSchool Photograph

I would like to a copy of the whole school photograph.  I enclose £3.


Child’s Name ________________________________________