Newsletter: 20 March 2015

Headteacher’s Comments

This week in assembly I spoke to children about the importance of eating lunch.  The Mid-day supervisors are finding there is a lot of food waste, including from the children who have packed lunch.  As you know, a good lunch:

  • is healthy and reduces the risk of children being ill
  • helps learning as children who eat concentrate more
  • encourages children to be friends/interact with others.

All children now eat their lunch in the school hall and from next Monday the children will have to put their hands up before they leave the table.  They may be told to eat more of their lunch.  I spoke to the children about what they could do to ensure they eat lunch.  These include:

  • choose carefully, making sure they choose food they know they will eat
  • try something new, they will never know, they might like it!
  • discuss options with their parents, choosing the best option (packed lunch or school dinners)


Well done to Luke Edridge (Mrs Kaleel’s class), Connor Dunkin, Emily Tillbrook, Samaya Kaleel (Mrs Sach’s Class), Ella Forster, Taya Hunter, Niamh Diss (Miss Biggs’s Class), Reggie Pegrum (Miss Bektas’s class) who achieved Green Cards this week.


Well done to Miss Panagiotidou’s Class who had the best attendance this week with 98.7%.

Year 5 Easter Assembly (Friday 27 March- 2pm)

Year 5 parents and family members are invited to watch the Easter Assembly at 2pm.

Last Day of Term (Friday 27 March- 3:15pm)

This is a reminder that we break up next Friday (27 March) at 3:15pm.

Club Español (20 April 8:15am)

The dates for Spanish Club next term are Monday 20 and 27 April, Monday 11 May and Mondays 1, 8 and 15 June.  All children welcome.  Spanish Club is in the ICT suite starting at 8:15am.

Trainers for PE Lessons

This is a reminder that children should be wearing trainers, rather than plimsolls, for outside PE Lessons.  Trainers provide better support for the foot and also have more grip.  Please make sure that your child has trainers for their outdoor PE lessons after the Easter holidays.

Safety around Parked Cars

A very concerned mother approached the school office last week to say that she was concerned that children were behind her car as she tried to pull out of the parking space.  When asked to move, the adults with the children were very abusive towards her.  I would like to remind you that we all have a duty to keep our children safe.  This may mean parking further away from the school and walking into the school playground, making sure your child(ren) are with you as you walk on the paths and also treating each other with respect.

World Book Day and Red Nose Day

Well done to all the children who took part in World Book Day and Red Nose Days (and parents who supported them).  The children looked great on both occasions.  We raised £127.20 for Red Nose Day.

Governors’ Feedback

As you know, I like to keep you up to date with the work and commitment of the governors of the school. We have continued our regular meetings with a Standards and Excellence Commissioner in the Education Department of Essex County Council who monitors the general progress of the school. She is very pleased with the positive progress which is being made by the headteacher and the staff.


Representatives of the Full Governing Bodies of the two Leverton schools always meet half termly to ensure that the two schools continue to move towards more consistent practice, which will benefit all the pupils as they move through the schools.

The Junior School Governing Body has continued to hold its regular Curriculum, Finance and Personnel sub-committee meetings.   All governors now attend the Curriculum meetings, as this offers them the opportunity to ask questions regularly, which relate to the school’s assessment statistics, as the Headteacher always presents them at that meeting.

You will have read that the Governing Bodies of the two schools are considering the joining of the two learning environments into one, which research has consistently shown to be to the benefit of all pupils in all-through primary schools. Early next term, you will receive more detailed information.


The Easter holidays are getting closer! May I wish you all pleasant rest and relaxation with your children.

Miggie Hillson

Chair of Governors

Book Fair Thanks You

A big thank you to Norma Oates and Sally Page, who helped run the Book Fair this week.  For every book sold, the school gets money to spend on books for school and class libraries. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a book.

Netball Match

Well done to the Netball Team who beat St John Fisher 13-0 on Wednesday.

Dates for your diary

Friday 27 March                                  Year Easter Assembly (2:00pm)

Friday 27 March                                  Break up from school (3:15pm)

Monday 13 April                                 Return to school (8:45am)

Monday 20 April                                 Spanish Club (8:15am)

Wednesday 22 April                            Governing Body Curriculum (6:30pm) and Budget (7:30pm) meetings

Wednesday 29 April                            Governing Body Personnel (6:30pm) and Finance (7:30pm) meetings

Monday 11 May                                  End of Key Stage 2 Tests (Year 6)

Tuesday 12 May                                  End of Key Stage 2 Tests (Year 6)

Wednesday 13 May                             End of Key Stage 2 Tests (Year 6)

Thursday 14 May                                End of Key Stage 2 Tests (Year 6)

Friday 15 May                                                 End of Key Stage 2 Tests (Year 6)

Monday 18 May                                  Whole School Trip to Tower of London

Thursday 21 May                                Break up from school (3:15pm)

Monday 1 June                                                Return to school (8:45am)

Tuesday 23 June                                  District Sports (Field Events)

Friday 26 June                                     Transition Day

Tuesday 30 June                                  District Sports (Track Events)

Wednesday 1 July                               Year 6 Residential

Thursday 2 July                                               Year 6 Residential

Friday 3 July                                        Year 6 Residential

Wednesday 15 July                             Full Governing Body Meeting

Friday 17 July                                      Break up from school (3:15pm)

Tuesday 1 September                          INSET Day

Wednesday 2 September                     INSET Day

Thursday 3 September                         Children return

Friday 23 October                                Break up from School

Monday 2 November                           INSET Day

Tuesday 3 November                          Children return

Friday 18 December                            Break up from school


Monday 4 January                               Children return

Thursday 11 February                         Break up from school

Friday 12 February                              INSET Day

Monday 22 February                           Children return

Thursday 24 March                             Break up from school

Monday 11 April                                 Children return

Thursday 26 May                                Break up from school

Monday 6 June                                                Children return

Wednesday 20 July                             Break up from school