Newsletter: 22 May 2014

Headteacher’s Comments

237 children and 34 adults were returned safely from this year’s Whole School Trip to the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery. I hope your child enjoyed it.


Well done to Kyle Robertson, Jacob Martinelli (Mrs Watson’s Class), Antonia Mills-Chance, Alfie Tillbrook, Taya Hunter (Mrs Haslehurst’s Class), Maya Sweeney-Fenton, Evie Moss, Jessica Okaka, Gabriela Musollari (Miss O’Riordan’s Class) who received Green Cards this week.

100% Club

Well done to the following children who have 100% attendance and have been in school every day since September – Megan Best, Raymond Bull, Ozgul Celik, Amber-Louise Giddy, Archie Hemming, Demi Hoffman, Jemma Johnson, Samaya Kaleel, Hezil Kara, Clarence Kelly, Ryan Locke, Xavier Logan, Ria Lyrick, Evie Moss, Milliam Namuli, Darren Ojuade, Jessica Okaka, Samuel Oterumbi, Kye Page, Charlie Pegrum, Reggie Pegrum, Michael Phipps, Ania Pinnington, Hannah Platts, Alfie Plowman, Abbey Savery, Kristal Savery, Sophie Savery, Bridget Thomas and Holly Whiten.



Well done to Miss Gibbs’s class who had the best attendance this week with an amazing 100%.

First Day of Term (2 June 8:45am)

This is a reminder that we come back to school on Monday 2 June, starting at 8:45am.

Change in menu

The menu for the first week back has been changed to the following:






Pizza Selection with diced potatoes


Creamy vegetable Pie and new potatoes





Jelly with ice cream


Fresh fruit or yoghurt

Chicken curry with rice


Macaroni cheese





Chocolate brownie with vanilla sauce


Fresh fruit or yoghurt

Roast beef with roast or new potatoes


Quorn roast with roast or new potatoes





Jam Sponge with custard


Fresh fruit or yoghurt

Spaghetti bolognaise


Baked bean and cheese puff with chunky jacket wedges





Oak cookie


Fresh fruit or yoghurt

Turkey burger in a bun


Bean burger in a bun





Fruit pie with custard


Fresh fruit or yoghurt


Class Photographs (6 June)

The photographer will be in on Friday 6 June to take class photographs and Year 6 Leavers packs.


Maths Challenge

There are 12 different Penta houses which can be designed using 5 joined squares.  These can be arranged in a variety of ways to create rectangular blocks.

Our winners were Megan Best and Chloe-Mae Pautsch, both from Mrs Sach’s class.  Well done!

Times tables competition:

Thank you for all the competition entries.  Mr Woollcott has judged and the winning entry was created by Kyla Erkan from Mrs Sach’s class.  Well done!  Mrs Zaghlul will be awarding the new style gold award at times table club after half term.

Would you speak to someone you never met and tell them about yourself?

During the Half Term Holidays please make sure your child:


  1. Check privacy settings so only ‘friends’ can see any information
  2. Delete anyone your child hasn’t met in the ‘real’ world
  3. Disable location service (GPS)
  4. Change the password if any of their friends know theirs

Tips to keep your child safe on the Internet:

  1. Ensure your child uses the Internet in your view (not behind closed doors eg bedroom)
  2. Give time limits for your child to be on the Internet
  3. Check your child’s profile regularly to ensure it doesn’t contain personal information and information that shouldn’t be shared.

Cycling to School

Please make sure your child wears a cycle helmet if they are cycling to school.

Whole School Photograph

This year’s whole school photograph, taken outside the National Gallery, will be on display in the main entrance after half term.  To get a copy of the photograph, please return the slip at the bottom of the page by Friday 20 June.  Photographs (9×6”) cost £3.

Dates for your diary

Mon 2 June                             Spanish Club (8:15am)

Mon 2 June                             Return to school (8:45am)

Fri 6 June                                Class Photographs (morning)

Mon 12 May                           Spanish Club (8:15am)

Mon 9 June                             Spanish Club (8:15am)

Mon 16 June                           Spanish Club (8:15am)

Tues 24 June                           Open Evening (5-7pm)

Fri 27 June                              Transition Day (All Years)

Fri 27 June                              Circus (4:30pm and 6:30pm)

Mon- July- Wed 9 July           Year 6 Residential

Wed 9 July                              District Sports (Track Events)

Tues 22 July                            Break up from school (3:15pm)

Wednesday 3 September        Return to school (8:45am)

Friday 24 October                   Break up from school (3:15pm)

Monday 3 November              Return to school (8:45am)

Friday 19 December               Break up from school (3:15pm)


Monday 5 January                   Return to school (8:45am)

Thursday 12 February             Break up from school (3:15pm)

Monday 23 February               Return to school (8:45am)

Friday 27 March                      Break up from school (3:15pm)

Monday 13 April                     Return to school (8:45am)

Thursday 21 May                    Break up from school (3:15pm)

Monday 1 June                                    Return to school (8:45am)

Friday 17 July                          Break up from school (3:15pm)



WholeSchool Photograph

I would like to a copy of the whole school photograph.  I enclose £3.


Child’s Name ________________________________________