Newsletter: 23 October 2015

Headteacher’s Comments

What a busy week! Well done to Year 4 for a fantastic Harvest Assembly on Monday.  It was good to see so many parents and grandparents here supporting their children.  A special thank you to Mrs Miller, who baked the Harvest bread, which was shared with all the children in the school after the service.  The gifts of food have been donated to a local food bank.  Our Maths Morning on Wednesday was a huge success too.  It was great again to see so many parents coming in to be with the children and participate in their enjoyment of Maths.


Well done Lexi Hoffman (Miss Hubbard’s Class), Erin Taylor, Layla Kaleel, Welaa Lahreche, Bertie Paris, Barney Paris (Miss Day’s Class), Charlie Wood (Mr Davey’s Class), Demi Hoffman, Mimi Fetta (Miss O’Riordan’s class) Samaya Kaleel, Sienna Roseweir-Evans, Kristal Savery (Miss Bektas’s Class) who achieved Green Cards this week,

Football Team

The girls’ and boys’ football teams competed in a rally last Friday. Despite winning 3, drawing 1 and only losing 1 game in the group stage, the girls didn’t progress to the drop out stages.  The boys’ football team came second, losing to 2-1 to Chigwell Primary School in the final.  Well done to all who participated.

Maths Morning

I hope those parents who attended are enjoying their present. If any parents were unable to come and would like the Maths pack, please compete and return the reply slip overleaf.


Respectful behaviour in the Playground

It has been brought to my attention that whilst waiting for our Junior children to come out of school at the end of the day, younger children have been seen climbing on the back of the football goal nets, standing on top of the table tennis tables and kicking out the spindles of the staging. This behaviour has damaged the equipment, is unsafe and is extremely disrespectful.  If you are a parent of a younger child, please supervise your children whilst waiting.  Thank you for your support.

Secondary School Applications for September 2016 – Reminder for Year 6 Parents

We have been asked by Essex County Council to remind parents of Year 6 children that the closing date for applications for a secondary school place from September 2016 is 31 October 2015.  Applications can be made via the ECC website  I would encourage all parents to use all the choices to increase the likelihood of a chosen school being allocated.  I am unable to write any letters to support an appeal.

Leverton’s Got Talent

Auditions for our Leverton’s Got Talent event on 5 February will take place during the school day on Friday 13 November and Friday 20 November. This event is for any child or children with a talent for performing – dancing, singing, gymnastics, playing a musical instrument, magic or even telling a joke!

First Day of next Half Term (Tuesday 3 November 2015- 8:45am)

This is a reminder that we return to school on Tuesday 3 November. The children should line up in the school playground at 8:45am.

Dates for your diary

Saturday 31 October                           Year 7 application deadline

Tuesday 3 November                          Children return

Friday 6 November                             PTA- Fireworks Display

Tuesday 17 November                        Pupil Progress Meetings

Wednesday 18 November                  Full Governors Meeting (7:00pm)

Thursday 19 November                      Pupil Progress Meetings

Friday 11th December                        Spelling Bee competition

Friday 18 December                           Break up from school


Monday 4 January                              Children return

Wednesday 13 January                       Governors Curriculum Meeting (6:30pm)

Tuesday 19 January                            Year 5 Trip to Oxford (8:15am start)

Wednesday 20 January                       Governors Personnel Meeting (6:30pm)

Wednesday 20 January                       Governors Finance and Premises Meeting (7:30pm)

Friday 5 February                               Spelling Bee

Friday 5 February                                Leverton’s Got Talent

Thursday 11 February                         PTA- Valentine’s Disco (4:30pm Years 3/4 and 6:30pm Years 5/6)

Thursday 11 February                         Break up from school

Friday 12 February                             INSET Day

Monday 22 February                          Children return

Wednesday 2 March                           Full Governors Meeting (7:30pm)

Friday 4 March                                   PTA- Mother Day’s Gifts

Friday 18th March                              Spelling Bee

Thursday 24 March                             Break up from school

Monday 11 April                                Children return

Wednesday 20 April                           Governors Curriculum Meeting (6:30pm)

Wednesday 20 April                           Budget Setting Meeting (7:30pm)

Friday 22 April                                   PTA- Quiz Night

Wednesday 27 April                           Governors Personnel Meeting (6:30pm)

Wednesday 27 April                           Governors Finance and Premises Meeting (7:30pm)




Fire Work Display


I can help being a Steward at the Fireworks display (6:30pm- 8:30pm).


Name ___________________________ ( Number _____________________________





Maths Pack


I was unable to attend the Maths Morning but would like a copy of the games provided to the parents. Child’s Name  ___________________________





Audition for Leverton’s Got Talent


My child ……………………………… would like to audition. He/ She will be performing


…………………………. ………….. on their own/ part of a group