Newsletter: 24 October 2014

Headteacher’s Comments

Well done to the Year 4 classes for a fantastic Harvest Assembly on Tuesday.  The progress you have made with your writing, singing and dancing has been fantastic.  It was good to see so many parents and grandparents supporting their children.   A special thank you to Mrs Miller, who baked the Harvest bread, which was shared with all the children in the school after the service.  The many gifts of food have been donated to a local food bank.


Well done to Jay Hyams, Layla Kaleel (Mrs Watson’s Class), Raqeeb Hussain (Mrs Kaleel’s Class), James Warner, George Jones, Charlie Pegrum, Hamid Lahreche, Faith Wade, Myreon Keane, Lewis Frith (Mrs Haslehurst’s Class) who received Green Cards this week.


100% Attenders

Well done to these children who have had 100% attendance since September – Nathaniel Aderemi, Kyra Ali, Neila Ali, Tia Ali, Quacuh Amankwah, Emily Bates, Danny Blanks, Julia Blaszczyk, Callum Brooks, Rhys Brown, Cameron Bush, Ozgul Celik, Harry Clark, Reece Clark, Jack Cosford, Mika Cox-Cunningham, Rebecca Crawley, Connor Dunkin, Luke Edridge, Kyla Erkan, Kallum Etienne, Mikki-May Fells, Ella Freeman, Evie Freeman, Ruby Gambrill, Rhea George, Francesco Giambanco, Sarah Giambanco, Jodie Grove, Harry Harmer, Archie Hemming, Leyla Hime, Demi Hoffman, Leah Hunn, Jay Hyams, Lennie Hyams, Jemma Johnson, Joshua Johnson, Layla Kaleel, Samaya Kaleel, Robyn Kaminski, Callum Kealy-Johnson, Mitchell Kilcullen, Jack Kingham, Mulkom Kisitu, Hamid Lahreche, Welaa Lahreche, Natalie Lewis, Ryan Locke, Ria Lyrick, Iona MacDonald, Mollie-Anne Maduro-Moore, Collins Mafuta, Soraya Mahjoudi, Rhiannon Margetson, Corey Marks, Milliam Namuli, Alexandre Nespereira, Samuel Nespereira, Madeline Nichols, Darren Ojuade, Jessica Okaka, Chibu Okoro, Mia Opinel, Samuel Oterumbi, Kye Page, Barney Paris, Bertie Paris, Ralfie Paris, Abi Parker, Charlie Pegrum, Michael Phipps, Lennon Pickard, Ania Pinnington, Hannah Platts, Rosie Powe, Jodie Richardson, Mihaly Rigo, Oliver Roberts, Paolo Rodia, Sienna Roseweir-Evans, Tamika Rosil, Jamie Ryan, Abbey Savery, Kristal Savery, Sophie Savery, Jamie Schooling, Hermione Scott, Harry Sharman, Oliver Sharp, Tomas Sichel, Jakub Sliz, Sydnae-Rose Smith, Katie Square, Corey Stevens, Bridget Thomas, Rico Thomas, Alfie Tillbrook, Emily Tillbrook, Albert Towell-Hardy, Archie Tuck, Reece Vallance, Alesha Wade, Faith Wade, James Warner, Harriet Waterlow, Ruby Waterlow, Holly Whiten, Alfie Willis, Charlie Wood, Olivia Wood, Evie Wright.


Well done to Mrs Kaleel’s Class who had the best attendance last week with 98.2%.

First Day of Term (3 November 2014- 8:45am)

This is a reminder that we return to school on Monday 3 November.  The children should line up in the school playground at 8:45am.

Individual School Photographs (7 November 2014)

All children will be having their individual and Junior School sibling photographs taken on Friday, 7 November 2014.   Should you wish a family photo, you will need to be at the school for 8.30am on that day.

Governor Visits

One responsibility held by governors is to visit the school during school hours.  Of course, they attend many evening meetings as well!  Last week, a governor spent an afternoon at a meeting which followed the new procedure and process for support for children with a variety of needs.  This week, governors have carried out visits to monitor Health and Safety the Creative Curriculum, and written feedback in Science, Maths and English.  The Finance Link Governor has met with the bursar and the Pay Committee has held an evening meeting.  Governors have also met with an officer of Essex County Council Education Department to discuss the use of the Pupil Premium money which is provided to schools from Central Government.

Miggie Hillson

Chair of Governors


Football Team

Well done to the Football Team who completed in a rally last Friday.  They played extremely well and reached the final.  However, after a very close match they lost 1-0 against White Bridge. I received a text message from Mr Waldren who praised the children for their good behaviour and sportsmanship during the rally.

Maths Challenge


In a 6 x 4 milk crate arrange 18 bottles so that when added vertically or horizontally the number of bottles when added is always even.












Place 8 Queens on a chessboard so that no Queen is in a position to take another.



Dates for your diary

Friday 24 October                    PTA Halloween Disco

Friday 24 October                    Break for Half Term

Monday 3 November               Return to School

Friday 7 November                  PTA- Fireworks Display

Wednesday 19 November       Pupil Progress Meetings (3.15)

Thursday 20 November           Pupil Progress Meetings (5.30)

Friday 5 December                  PTA- Leverton’s Got Talent

Monday 15 December             Christmas Carol Service (1.30)

Tuesday 16 December             Christmas Dinner

Thursday 18 December                       PTA Pantomime

Friday 19 December                PTA Christmas Market

Friday 19 December                Break up from school (3:15pm)


Monday 5 January                   Return to school (8:45am)

Thursday 12 February             PTA Valentines Disco

Thursday 12 February             Break up from school (3:15pm)

Monday 23 February               Return to school (8:45am)

Friday 13 March                      PTA- Mother Day Gifts

Friday 20 March                      PTA- Quiz Night

Friday 27 March                      Break up from school (3:15pm)

Monday 13 April                     Return to school (8:45am)

Monday 9 May                                    End of Key Stage 2 Tests (Year 6)

Tuesday 10 May                      End of Key Stage 2 Tests (Year 6)

Wednesday 11 May                 End of Key Stage 2 Tests (Year 6)

Thursday 12 May                    End of Key Stage 2 Tests (Year 6)

Friday 13 May                                     End of Key Stage 2 Tests (Year 6)

Thursday 21 May                    Break up from school (3:15pm)

Monday 1 June                                    Return to school (8:45am)

Friday 17 July                          Break up from school (3:15pm)