Newsletter: 27 February 2015

Headteacher’s Comments

This week in my assembly we were discussing responsibilities and the fact every action has a consequence, whether good or bad.  The Year 6 children had a visiting Magistrate who was talking to them about her role and the legal age of responsibility (10 years of age).  She will be visiting again later this year where she will be undertaking a mock trial with the children.


Well done to Rebecca Crawley (Mrs Campbell/Miss Gibbs’s Class), Neila Ali, Samuel Oterunbi (Mr Davey’s Class), Connor Dunkin, Archie Hemming, Tyler Russell (Mrs Sach’s Class) Reggie Pegrum (Miss Bektas’s Class), Jamie Schooling (Miss O’Riordan’s Class) who received Green Cards this week.


Well done to Mr Davey’s Class who had the best attendance this week with 99.2%.

World Book Day (5 March 2015)

On Thursday 5 March we will be celebrating World Book Day by dressing up as a book character. We do not expect you to spend any money out on outfits for your children, as existing items of clothing can be adapted. Every child will receive a £1 voucher, which can be put towards a book of their choice. Please look out for these on the day.  We will also be reading with the children from the Infant School.

Pupil Progress Meetings (Tuesday 10 March and Thursday 12 March)

Our Pupil Progress Meetings for parents will be spread over two days Tuesday 10 March 2015 (3:30pm-6:00pm) and Thursday 12 March 2015 (5:00pm- 7:30pm).

To enable appointments to be arranged, will you please complete the slip overleaf and return it to your child’s class teacher by Friday 6 March.  We will then do our best to give you appropriate times for your interviews.

Spelling Bee

Well done to Ellie Appleton (Year 3), Ria Lyrick (Year 4), Emily Bates (Year 5) and Jessica Okaka (Year 6) who won the first Spelling Bee competition.  We were asked to improve the children’s spelling when OFSTED came to the school last May.  Children should continue to practice the statutory spelling lists that are prescribed by the government.  These lists can be found on the school website under the children section (


As you may have noticed, the stage has been relocated next to the adventure playground.  Soon there will be benches placed there.  Please encourage your children to respect the stage and refrain from climbing on the balustrade.

Mobile Phones

There is a growing number of children who are bringing their mobile phones into school.  Following practice in other Waltham Abbey Schools, only Year 6 children can bring in phones if absolutely essential.  The phones must remain off whilst on the school premises (included the school playground).  There is a box in the school office where they must be kept.

Netball Result

In preparation for the netball season resuming, we played a friendly match against Holy Cross.  Sadly we lost 9-4.

Dates for your diary

Wednesday 4 March                            Full Governing Body meeting (7:00pm)

Tuesday, 10 March                              Pupil Progress Meetings (3:30pm – 6:00pm)

Thursday, 12 March                            Pupil Progress Meeting (5:00pm – 7:30pm)

Friday 13 March                                  PTA- Mother Day Gifts

Friday 20 March                                  PTA- Quiz Night

Friday 27 March                                  Break up from school (3:15pm)

Monday 13 April                                 Return to school (8:45am)

Wednesday 22 April                            Governing Body Curriculum (6:30pm) and Budget (7:30pm) meetings

Wednesday 29 April                            Governing Body Personnel (6:30pm) and Finance (7:30pm) meetings

Monday 11 May                                  End of Key Stage 2 Tests (Year 6)

Tuesday 12 May                                  End of Key Stage 2 Tests (Year 6)

Wednesday 13 May                             End of Key Stage 2 Tests (Year 6)

Thursday 14 May                                End of Key Stage 2 Tests (Year 6)

Friday 15 May                                                 End of Key Stage 2 Tests (Year 6)

Monday 18 May                                  Whole School Trip to Tower of London

Thursday 21 May                                Break up from school (3:15pm)

Monday 1 June                                                Return to school (8:45am)

Tuesday 23 June                                  District Sports (Field Events)

Friday 26 June                                     Transition Day

Tuesday 30 June                                  District Sports (Track Events)

Wednesday 1 July                               Year 6 Residential

Thursday 2 July                                               Year 6 Residential

Friday 3 July                                        Year 6 Residential

Wednesday 15 July                             Full Governing Body Meeting

Friday 17 July                                      Break up from school (3:15pm)

Tuesday 1 September                          INSET Day

Wednesday 2 September                     INSET Day

Thursday 3 September                         Children return

Friday 23 October                                Break up from School

Monday 2 November                           INSET Day

Tuesday 3 November                          Children return

Friday 18 December                            Break up from school


Monday 4 January                               Children return

Thursday 11 February                         Break up from school

Friday 12 February                              INSET Day

Monday 22 February                           Children return

Thursday 24 March                             Break up from school

Monday 11 April                                 Children return

Thursday 26 May                                Break up from school

Monday 6 June                                                Children return

Wednesday 20 July                             Break up from school



Pupil Progress Meetings

Child’s Name:  ………………………….Class:  ……………………


Please tick time preferred:

Tuesday 10 March 2015                      Thursday 12 March 2015


3.30     –           4.00                 5:00     –           5.30

4.00     –           4.30                 5.30     –           6.00

4.30     –           5.00                 6.00                 6.30

5.00                 5.30                 6.30     –           7.00

5:30                 6:00                 7:00                 7:30


Names of brother/sister(s) in the Junior School and their class teacher:


Child’s Name: ………………….. in ………………………’s class


Signed …………………………………… Parent/ Guardian