Newsletter: 28 March 201

Deputy Headteacher’s Comments

Mr Woollcott has given me the very great honour of writing on this week’s newsletter!  One more week of hard work until a well-deserved Easter break for the children.  I am glad to be able to report all the achievements, both in class and on the sports’ field.  If you haven’t already, please try the Maths Challenge below – it really is a challenge. 


Well done Ralfie Paris, Ava Faryadmarni, Jack Kingham, Ellie Howard (2 Green Cards!), Danny Blanks, Raqeeb Hussain, Leyla Hime, Joshua Verard, Sunni Tak (2 Green Cards!), Kye Page, Tomas Sichel, Luke Edridge, Lillie Nelson, Paige Rood (Miss Kent’s Class), Ben Oates, Eda Kurtcebe, Efe Kurtcebe, Ruby Gambrill, Csongor Farkas, Mikki-May Fells (2 Green Cards!), Lacey Baccarini-Howell, Nicholas Walker, Katie Soteriou, Lily Wallace, Asya Ervan, Robyn Kaminski (Mrs Watson’s Class), Stefan Radut, and Alfie Willis (Mr Davey’s class), Rhiannon Margetson, Ellie Plummer, Tyler Russell (Mrs Sach’s class) Reece Vallance, Eden McCartney, Niamh Diss, Kerim Taylor-Salih, Ella Freeman, Antonia Mills-Chance, Isabella Wilson (Mrs Haslehurst’s class) Kirena Nolan (Miss O’Riordan’s Class) Jessica Smith, Joe Savage Gianni Lanza (Miss Wood’s Class), Ceylan Corakkum (Miss Bigg’s Class) Albie Paris, Zeeshan Hussain and  Vincenzo Bergamino (Miss Gibb’s Class). 


Well done to all those mentioned, an exceptional number of Green Cards this week.



Well done to Mr Davey’s class who had the best attendance this week with an impressive 99.4%.

Late Gate/Truancy Sweep

The Education Welfare Officer will be at the front entrance over the next few weeks checking on the children who are late.  Lateness unsettles your child and disturbs their learning.  If you child misses 5 minutes each day, they miss 25 minutes of learning each week.  That is over 3 hours of learning (or 3 literacy or 3 maths lessons) this half term.  Also on these days, if your child is absent and you haven’t informed the school, then the Education Welfare Officer may visit these homes.

Race Night

Our PTA have organised a Race Night for Saturday 5 April.  Families welcome, food provided.  Details are available from the school office.

Football Results

Well done to our football team who won 3-2 at home against Staples Road this week.  Our football team took place in the Epping Forest Football rally at Roding Valley School this morning and won a Plate, for fourth place.  Well done, a great result.

Netball Results

Our netball team were beaten by only 3 goals during a fantastic game with Whitebridge this week, the final result being 3-6. 

Easter Play

Our year 5 children have been practising for their Easter Play. All Year 5 parents are welcome to come and watch at 2.00pm on Thursday 3 April.

Maths challenge:

The new maths challenge will run until Easter and has an egg theme.  The tasks are staged, and you don’t need to complete all three parts to submit an entry.  There are solutions for all three tasks.


Tricky:  There are three baskets, a brown one, a red one and a pink one, holding a total of ten eggs. The Brown basket has one more egg in it than the Red basket. The Red basket has three eggs less than the Pink basket. How many eggs are in each basket?

Trickier: Peter, Melanie, Amil and Jack received a total of 38 chocolate eggs.    Jack had one less than Peter.    Peter had 5 less than Melanie.    Amil had half as many as Melanie.    Peter had 2 more than Amil.    How many eggs did each person have?

Trickiest:  Toby accidentally knocked over Pamela’s basket of eggs. Wishing to make amends he offers to pay as they are all broken.  Pamela, a mathematician, recognising a fellow mathematician’s embarrassment, replies:     “I put the eggs into the basket in groups of 7 and noticed that I could easily have divided them into piles of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 and always have one left over.”    How many eggs did she have in the basket?  What should Toby offer to pay? (Eggs currently cost 95p a dozen)


Dates for your diary


Thurs 3 April                           Year 5 Easter Play (2.00pm)

Fri 4 April                               Break up from school (3:15pm)

Sat 5 April                               Race Night

Tues 22April                           Return to school (8:45am)

Mon 5 May                             May Bank Holiday

Mon 12 May                           Year 6 Key Stage Tests

Tues 13 May                           Year 6 Key Stage Tests

Wed 14 May                           Year 6 Key Stage Tests

Thurs 15 May                          Year 6 Key Stage Tests

Fri 16 May                              Year 6 Key Stage Tests

Tues 20 May                           Whole School Trip (8:15am)

Thurs 22 May                          Break up from school (3:15pm)

Mon 2 June                             Return to school (8:45am)

Fri 27 June                              Transition Day (All Years)

Mon- July- Wed 9                   July      Year 6 Residential

Wed 9 July                              District Sports (Track Events)

Tues 22 July                            Break up from school (3:15pm)

Wednesday 3 September        Return to school (8:45am)

Friday 24 October                   Break up from school (3:15pm)

Monday 3 November              Return to school (8:45am)

Friday 19 December               Break up from school (3:15pm)