Newsletter: 4 September 2015

Headteacher’s Comments

Welcome back! I hope you all had an enjoyable and safe summer holiday. It was lovely to see the children back yesterday and looking so smart in their school uniforms. All the teachers enjoyed their first 2 days with their new classes and we are all raring to get going!

Launch Days (Monday 7 September)

This is a reminder that on Monday we are launching our topics for this term. It would be great to see the children fully participate and come dressed up in costumes linked to their topics.

Year 3               A Roman soldier, a toga wearing Roman citizen, a lady wearing a Roman ‘stolla’ or a man wearing a Roman ‘tunic’

Year 4               A child from the Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age, a Stone Age hunter, a farmer from a Celtic Settlement, Celtic Warrior

Year 5               Ancient Egyptian

Year 6                           World War II soldier, Air raid warden, 1940’s lady, Evacuee, Navy/ Airforce uniform or Land girl


We do not expect you to spend any money on the costumes and ideas that didn’t cost any money were suggested in the Termly Booklets that your child received during Transition Day.

Meet the Teacher Evening (Thursday 10 September 7pm)

Our annual ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening, where you have a chance to hear what your child will be learning next year, is next week on Thursday 10 September starting at 7.00pm. This meeting is unsuitable for children.

Homework Club (Tuesday 15 September)

Homework Club will start again on Tuesday 15 September between 3:15 and 4:15pm. Please make sure your child has homework to complete.


If your child takes medication, please hand it into the school office and sign the appropriate form. Please make sure that any medication, especially asthma pumps and epi-pens, are in date.

Breakfast Bar

Our school’s Breakfast Bar is open from 8:00am until 8.40am every morning. Parents and children are welcome. A slice of toast is 30p and drinks are 40p.

Snack and Tuck Shop at Break Times

This is a reminder that only fruit and vegetables are allowed for snack during morning break. We have a Tuck Shop selling a variety of fruit and vegetable (some grown by our Gardening Club). Fruit/ Vegetable cost 25p and drinks cost 40p.


At Lunchtimes every class is allocated a Midday Assistant. If there is a problem then your child has someone they can go to.

ClassMid Day Assistant
Miss PanagiotidouMrs Pentelow
Miss Hubbard
Miss DayMr Pacitto
Mrs KaleelMrs Harold
Mr DaveyMrs Leys
Mrs Sach
Mrs KingMrs Page
Miss BiggsMrs Taylor
Miss Bektas
Miss O’RiordanMrs Johnson

School Dinners

School dinners remain at £1.90 a day (£9.50 a week) for either a hot meal or school-prepared packed lunch. If you are supplying a packed lunch please make sure there are no ‘block’ chocolate items included and crisps are only allowed on Fridays. We have a number of children with a peanut allergy so please refrain from peanut based products.


Please make sure your child has their named PE kit in school.

Back Door

This is a reminder to parents that they should only enter the school via the office. Please do not enter the school via the back door.

Petal Shelter

The Petal Shelter is a seating area. Feel free to use it before and after school, but please make sure your children do not climb on it.


We continue to develop children’s independence with their learning. You can help this by:

  • Ensuring your child is organised and brings everything into school in the morning.
  • Giving money in a named envelope for your child to hand to their class teacher.
  • Telling your child in the morning where they will be collected and by whom at the end of the day.
  • Reminding your child in the morning of clubs they will be attending.
  • Checking your child’s book bag for letters (especially this newsletter).

There has been an increase in the number of messages coming into the Office that need to be passed on to children. Passing on these cause disruptions, not only to your child’s learning, but to the rest of the children’s learning in your child’s class.


This is a reminder:

  • if your child is absent can you please notify the office on the first day as to the reason why
  • if your child is absent due to illness for more than 3 days then the parent must provide some evidence that they have visited a GP.       This could be either a signed compliment slip from the doctor, appointment card or a photocopy of the prescribed medicine.
  • any child entering the front door between 8:50am and 9:10am will be marked as late.
  • if there is regular lateness then your child may have to stay in during playtime or lunchtime to catch up on their work.
  • any child late after 9:10am will be marked as unauthorised absence, unless you provide evidence of a medical appointment eg appointment card/ prescribed medicine or a signed compliment slip from the doctor.       A number of unauthorised lateness (after 9:10am) could result in a penalty notice being issued.

Dates for your diary

Thursday 3 September                            Children return

Monday 7 September                              Launch Day

Thursday 10 September                           Meet the Teachers’ Evening (7pm)

Monday 14 September                            Year 3 Trip to Verulamium in St Albans

Wednesday 16 September                        Year 4 Trip to Museum of London

Friday 25 September                              Year 6 Trip to Imperial war Museum Duxford

Wednesday 14 October                           Year 4 Harvest Assembly (Parents welcome)

Friday 23 October                                  Break up from School

Monday 2 November                              INSET Day

Tuesday 3 November                              Children return

Tuesday 17 November                            Pupil Progress Meetings

Thursday 19 November                           Pupil Progress Meetings

Friday 18 December                               Break up from school


Monday 4 January                                  Children return

Thursday 11 February                             Break up from school

Friday 12 February                                 INSET Day

Monday 22 February                              Children return

Thursday 24 March                                 Break up from school

Monday 11 April                                    Children return

Thursday 26 May                                   Break up from school

Monday 6 June                                      Children return

Wednesday 20 July                                 Break up from school