Newsletter: 7 March 2014

Headteacher’s Comments

Your child may have told you they had visitors in their class on Wednesday.  The Essex Local Authority regularly visits schools to ensure schools are evaluating their practice accurately and to help support school improvement.  I am pleased that they found the following good practice in our school:

  • There is a good feel for the school.
  • The inspector has never seen Must, Should, Could so embedded in school practice and children showed they could dip into MSC at any point and feel comfortable about it.  Also, children understood they could be at different levels depending on the activity they were engaged in.
  • Must Should Could well defined against the learning objective.
  • The children had good learning attitudes and were polite and courteous.
  • Learning Assistants should be celebrated because they were really contributing to the children’s learning.
  • Impressed with the booster groups where teachers’ high expectations were clearly seen and it was apparent that the teachers know where the children are.
  • Strong learning environment
  • They saw lots of cross curricular links where the children’s heightened involvement could be seen.
  • Judgements made by Mr Woollcott and Miss Gibbs were consistent with those found.
  • Middle Leaders had a clear understanding of the school’s data and what actions they were taking to support school improvement

They have challenged the school community to:

  • consider the teaching of reading so teachers are able to demonstrate the pupils are learning reading skills
  • ensure consistency of written feedback.


Well done to Kye Page, Ava Faryadmarni, Daisy Everett, Danny Blanks, Leyla Hime, Joshua Verard, Bridget Thomas, Lilly-Mai Woodward (Miss Kent’s Class), Rebecca Crawley, Zac Sarjantson , Jacob Martinelli, Lacey Baccarini-Howell, Ruby Gambrill (Mrs Watson’s Class), Connor Dunkin, Max Sichel, Demi Hoffman, Stefan Radut (Mr Davey’s Class) Rhiannon Margetson, Tomor Troshupa (Mrs Sach’s Class) who received Green Cards this week.



Well done to Mrs Sach’s class who had the best attendance this week with 99.1%.

Pupil Progress Meetings (Tuesday 18 March and Thursday 20 March)

Our Pupil Progress Meetings for parents will be spread over two days Tuesday 18 March 2014 (3:30pm-6:00pm) and Thursday 20 March 2014 (5:00pm- 7:30pm).

To enable appointments to be arranged, will you please complete the slip overleaf and return it to your child’s class teacher by Friday 14 March.  We will then do our best to give you appropriate times for your interviews.

After School Club- 3:15- 6pm

The After School Club continues to run every night after school.  Each session costs £8 and includes a snack.  Payment will need to be made in advance.  Please ask the School Office for a registration pack.

Maths Challenge

Can you use your maths skills to solve Miss Wood’s tricky maths problem?  Have a go!

McDonalds sell chicken nuggets in packs of 6,  9  and 20.


Tricky:    How would you order 21 chicken nuggets?

Trickier:  How would you order 44 chicken nuggets?

Trickiest:  How would you order 43 chicken nuggets?

Are there other ways to make these totals?


When you have found an answer, write it down with your name and class.  Then put it in the envelope on the display board outside Mrs Sach’s room.  Answers will be announced in assembly shortly.

Netball Results

Our Netball team played the best game of Netball this season.  Unfortunately, after taking an initial lead, our A Team lost 4-5 and our B Team drew 2-2.  Well done to all the girls who took part!

Club Success!

Parents said in their feedback from the Governor’s Questionnaire last year they wanted more clubs.  I have recently carried out a survey and found out that a large majority of children, an amazing 77%, have taken part in at least 1 extra-curricular club since September.


This is a reminder of the clubs we currently offer at the school:








Before School 8:15am

Spanish Club





At Lunchtime

Strategy Club




Lower School Sports Club


Gifted and Talented Club

Football Team Training


After School

Street Dance


Upper School Netball Practice


After School Club

Homework Club


Lower School Netball Club


After School Club

Lower School Football Club


After School Club

Construction Club


After School Club

After School Club


Dates for your diary

Tues 18 March                           Pupil Progress Meetings (3:30- 6:00pm)

Thurs 20 March                          Pupil Progress Meetings (5:00- 7:30pm)

Fri 4 April                                 Break up from school (3:15pm)

Tues 22April                              Return to school (8:45am)

Mon 5 May                                May Bank Holiday

Mon 12 May                              Year 6 Key Stage Tests

Tues 13 May                              Year 6 Key Stage Tests

Wed 14 May                              Year 6 Key Stage Tests

Thurs 15 May                            Year 6 Key Stage Tests

Fri 16 May                                Year 6 Key Stage Tests

Tues 20 May                              Whole School Trip (8:15am)

Thurs 22 May                            Break up from school (3:15pm)

Mon 2 June                               Return to school (8:45am)

Fri 27 June                                Transition Day (All Years)

Mon- July- Wed 9                      July      Year 6 Residential

Wed 9 July                                District Sports (Track Events)

Tues 22 July                              Break up from school (3:15pm)

Wednesday 3 September             Return to school (8:45am)

Friday 24 October                      Break up from school (3:15pm)

Monday 3 November                  Return to school (8:45am)

Friday 19 December                   Break up from school (3:15pm)


Pupil Progress Meetings

Child’s Name:  ………………………….Class:  ……………………


Please tick time preferred:

Tuesday 18 March 2014              Thursday 20 March 2014


3.30      –           4.00                  5:00      –           5.30

4.00      –           4.30                  5.30      –           6.00

4.30      –           5.00                  6.00                  6.30

5.00                  5.30                  6.30      –           7.00

5:30                  6:00                  7:00                  7:30


Names of brother/sister(s) in the Junior School and their class teacher:


Child’s Name: ………………….. in ………………………’s class


Signed …………………………………… Parent/ Guardian