Newsletter: 8 November 2013

Headteacher’s Comments

This week we welcomed back Mrs Pughsley after a year looking after her new-born baby, Poppy.  Mrs Pughsley will be teaching Maths Booster classes and Art during PPA afternoons Wednesday and Thursdays.  During Mrs Cromwell’s absence, Miss Gibbs will be Interim Deputy Headteacher. 


Well done to Megan Best, Eddie Plowman, Freddie Paris, Myreon Keane, Lewis Frith (Mrs Sach’s Class), Cameron Straughan, Reggie Pegrum, Scarlett Warren, Alesha Wade (Mrs Raddon’s Class), Tim Akpuda (Miss Gibbs’s Class) who all received Green Cards this week.


Well done to Mrs Watson’s class who had the best attendance last week with 98.7%.

100% Club

Well done to Nathaniel Aderemi, Tim Akpuda, Neila Ali, Lacy Baccarini-Howell, Magan Best, Ella Brancher, Toni Brancher, Amber Brooks, Leighton Brooks, Rhys Brown, Raymond Bull, Madison Bush, Alisa Cakirgoz, Fatma Celik, Ozgul Celik, Reece Clark, Nicole Constantinou, Lilith Cope, Ceylan Corakkum, Mika Cunningham-Cox, Rebecca Crawley, Craig Dowling, Luke Edridge, Daisy Everett, Ava Faryadmarni, Mikka-May Fells, Lola Fetta, Mimi Fetta, Ella Forster, Victoria Fry, Rhea George, Amber-Louise Giddy, Jodie Grove, Megan Hamilton, Madison Hammond, Archie Hemming, Demi Hoffman, Jay Hyams, Jemma Johnson, DeAndre Johnson-Trent, Jamel Johnson-Trent, George Jones, Samaya Kaleel, Myreon Keane, Clarence Kelly, Jack Kingham, Ria Lyrick, Rhiannon Margetson, Jacob Martinelli, Holly Morris, Evie Moss, Ella Murphy, Lillie Nelson, Samuel Nespereira, Benjamin Oates, Darren Ojuade, Jessica Okaka, Mia Opinel, Kye Page, Sydie Peck, Charlie Pegrum, Reggie Pegrum, Ania Pinnington, Hannah Platts, Alfie Plowman, Eddie Plowman, Stefan-Andrei Radut, Adrian Richard, Oliver Roberts, Kyle Robertson, Sienna Roseweir-Evans, Tyler Russell, Daniel Ryan, Jamie Ryan, Charlie Santagata, Jamie Schooling, Hermione Scott, Oliver Sharp, Theodora Shiakallis, Max Sichel, Thomas Sichel, Jakub Sliz, Jessica Smith, Olivia Smith, Flora So, Leo Strange, Jack Sullivan, Maya Sweeney-Fenton, Bridget Thomas, Leo Thomas, Emily Tillbrook, Archie Tuck, Eren Tyler, Reece Vallance, Alesha Wade and Faith Wade, Teddy White, Holly Whiten, Scarlett Wilson, Francesca Wood, Lilly-Mai Woodward who had 100% last half term and was in school everyday.

Remembrance Assembly (Monday 11 November- 10:45)

The Year 6 Remembrance Assembly will start at 10:45am on Monday.  As the Assembly will include 1 minute silence, it is unsuitable for small children.

Strategy Games Club- (11 November- 12:45)

Miss Wood is starting a new club during Monday lunchtimes (12:45).  Children will be taught how to play strategy games like chess, draughts and card games.  Any child interested must go first lunch and then head to Miss Wood’s classroom for 12:45pm.

Parent Classes (11 November- 1:30pm)

This is a reminder that the Maths Classes for parents will start on Monday at 1:30pm and will run for 5 weeks.

Book Fair (11- 15 November)

There will be a Book Fair every morning during Breakfast Club and during the Pupil Progress Meetings.  A leaflet will be sent home with further details.

Pupil Progress Meetings (13 and 14 November)

Our Pupil Progress Meetings for parents will be spread over two days, Wednesday 13 November 2011 (3:30pm-6:00pm) and Thursday 14 November 2011(5:00pm- 7:30pm).


To enable appointments to be arranged, will you please complete the slip overleaf and return it to your child’s class teacher by Monday, 11 November.  We will then do our best to give you interviews at appropriate times.

After School Club- 3:15- 6pm.

The After School Club is now up and running.  Each session costs £8 to include a snack.  Payment will need to be made in advance.  Please ask the School Office for a registration pack.

Netball Results

Unfortunately our A Team lost against Staples Road.

Football Result

Well done to our Football Team who won 7-1 against Waltham Holy Cross last night.

Dates for your diary

Wed 13 November                  Pupil Progress Meetings (3:30- 6:00pm)

Thurs 14 November                Pupil Progress Meetings (5:00pm- 7:30pm)

Tues 19 November                  Year 4 Trip to HamptonCourtPalace

Thurs 28 November                Year 6 Trip to DuxfordImperialWarMuseum

Wed 4 December                    Family Fun Time (3:15-4:15)

Mon 16 December                  Christmas Parties

Tues 17 December                  Christmas Pantomime *change of date*

Wed 18 December                  Christmas Dinner

Thurs 19 December                 Christmas Carol Concert (1:30pm) *change of date*

Fri 20 December                     Christmas Market (2:00pm)

Fri 20 December                     Break up from school (3:15pm)

Mon 6 January 2014               Return to school (8:45am)

Wed 12 February                    Family Fun Time (3:15-4:15)

Thurs 13 February                   Break up from school (3:15pm)

Mon 24 February                    Return to school (8:45am)

Wed 26 March                                    Family Fun Time (3:15-4:15)

Fri 4 April                               Break up from school (3:15pm)

Tues 22April                           Return to school (8:45am)

Mon 5 May                             May Bank Holiday

Mon 12 May                           Year 6 Key Stage Tests

Tues 13 May                           Year 6 Key Stage Tests

Wed 14 May                           Year 6 Key Stage Tests

Thurs 15 May                          Year 6 Key Stage Tests

Fri 16 May                              Year 6 Key Stage Tests

Thurs 22 May                          Break up from school (3:15pm)

Mon 2 June                             Return to school (8:45am)

Wed 18 June                           Family Fun Time (3:15-4:15)

Fri 27 June                              Transition Day (All Years)

Mon- July- Wed 9 July           Year 6 Residential

Wed 9 July                              District Sports (Track Events)

Tues 22 July                            Break up from school (3:15pm)



” ……………………………………………………………………………………………….……………………………………..


Pupil Progress Meetings

Child’s Name:………………………….


Please tick time preferred:


Wed 13 November                              Thurs 14 November


3.30        –               4.00                        5:00        –               5.30

4.00        –               4.30                        5.30        –               6.00

4.30        –               5.00                        6.00                        6.30

5.00                        5.30                        6.30        –               7.00

5:30                        6:00                        7:00                        7:30


Names of brother/sister(s) in the JuniorSchool and their class teacher:


Child’s Name: …………….……………. in ………………………’s class