Intervention Programmes

Intervention Programmes

At Leverton Primary School we have several Intervention Programmes to ensure that our pupils get the best possible support to achieve the best they can. There are five main Intervention programmes which are delivered by the LAs. These are Handwriting, Reading Catch-up, Maths Catch-up, Letters and Sounds and Precision and are designed to support children who fall behind.

Catch -up

If the child’s reading age or maths age is below their chronological age by at least 6 months they will be part of the catch-up programme. Catch-up Reading involves a 1-1 reading of a book on average twice a week for a session of 15 minutes each. It involves reading, predicting, summarising and recalling a story. Maths involves: counting verbally, counting objects, reading and writing, hundreds, tens and ones, estimation, word problems, translation, remembered facts, derived facts and ordinal numbers. Once the child has reached their chronological age they will be taken off the catch-up programme.


This is to improve their general handwriting abilities and also to secure neat and legible handwriting consistently in all their work. This involves the forming of all joined letters and modelled initially by the teacher.


Precision is an intervention programme that is done on a daily basis to help with reading and spelling. Words are the most frequently seen sight words. The child is given 5 words that they couldn’t read or spell on the catch-up list and should try to learn these at home.

Every day they have 1 minute to read and spell the 5 words on a sheet. In that minute it is recorded on a chart to show progress. If the child gets stuck on certain words, they are given these words again with some new words.

Children are put on Precision if they have an SSP (Individual Education Plan) or they are working below their predicted level.

Letters and Sounds (Phonic Programme)

Letters & Sounds begins in Nursery and continues up to Year 2. Children in Key Stage 2 may continue with aspects of ‘Letters & Sounds’ if required. It is broken up into 6 phases. Children are taught systematically throughout each stage.