Leverton Primary PTA News

Usually we are issuing a calendar of events and telling you all that you have achieved for the children with last year’s fundraising. Well, we started the renovations of our library bus, but we haven’t been able to complete them. The bus has been fitted out with shelving and desks, power, air-conditioning and heating. We still need to finish off the painting and complete the external works. Due to the cancelling of all events from March to December 2020, we simply don’t have the funds to do so at this time.


However, the good news is that we now have a clothing  bank, located in the corner at the top of the KS2 car park.  Please feel free to offload all your unwanted clothes and shoes!



In addition to the summer events cancelled, we are currently unable to hold the playground openings through September, Halloween Discos, fireworks and Christmas events. We are working with the school at looking at events we can hold after Christmas. The children will still be able to design for ordering Christmas cards and cups etc.

We are very aware of the financial impact on families of Covid and do appreciate that PTA fundraising isn’t a priority. Therefore, we have taken the decision that, with the exception of Christmas cards and clothes collections, we will not be fundraising for the remainder of this calendar year. We will look at the situation and re-assess in January.

If you would like more Information on the Pta, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, at

Please keep an eye on the Leverton app, ParentMail and our Facebook pages for any updates and information from the PTA.