Staff and pupils celebrate recent OFSTED inspection

Pupils, parents, staff and governors are celebrating after the recent OFSTED inspection of The Leverton Junior School.

The inspection carried out during 14-15 March found that the school in Waltham Abbey was a good school.  The main findings in the report include:

  • This is a good school, which has successfully focused on improving standards and pupils’ progress since the last inspection.  It benefits from strong leadership provided by the headteacher and deputy headteacher, well supported by a mix of experienced and more recently qualified staff,
  • The school has established a purposeful and supportive learning context that engages pupils and encourages them to apply themselves and act responsibly,  Consequently pupils feel safe, behave well in lessons and attend school with better than average regularity.
  • Teachers and support staff work very hard to plan and deliver effective lessons that have a clear learning purpose and successfully engage pupils’ interests.
  • The curriculum has a number of key strengths hat include a focus on both literacy and numeracy developing a creative, thematic approach that actively involves pupils in their learning.
  • Care and guidance is strong overall.
  • The school is well run by the senior leadership team, which has successfully involved staff in school leadership at all levels.

Commenting on the report, Mrs Martin said “I am very proud of the journey the school has taken since the last inspection.  All members of the school staff work hard to ensure that the children in our care receive the very best education.”