Useful Websites for History

Click here for the Key Stage 2 BBC Bitesize website for History.

Click here to view footage from the National Archives. Watch the footage and complete the activities to enter a world of discovery about Domesday, Stuarts, Tudors, 1900-1945 and post war Britain.

DK Books

Why not enter the DK website which is full of exciting history topics by clicking here?

History cookbook

Have you ever wondered what food was like to live in a particular period? Click here to discover what people ate and how to cook these meals? Is the food fit for a King?

History Lines

Click here to find out lots of interesting facts about different periods in History. Get ready to amaze your teacher!

Natural History Museum

Are you bored? Do you fancy trying something new? Then click here to discovery the wealth of activities you can try at home with the Natural History Museum.

The Seven Wonders of the World


Year 1 – Castles

Year 1 – Explorers and pirates

Year 1 – Neil Armstrong

Year 2 – Titanic

Year 2 – Great Fire of London

Year 3 – The Stone Age

Year 3 – The Romans

Year 3 – Anglo-Saxons

Year 4 – Vikings

Year 4 – Mayans

Year 5 – Ancient Egypt

Year 5 – North America

Year 5 – Space

Year 5 – Victorians

Click here to find out what it was like to be a poor child in Victorian times by searching the stories of those who lived through it. Go on a journey as you look through the amazing photographs and fact files. How would you have coped? How does your life compare to these children?

Click here to discover the wonderful work and self-less life led by Dr Barnardo to save children from destitution. How has this impacted upon your own life?

Additional Victorian Britain websites:

Year 6 – World War I and World War II

Ancient Greece

Dick Turpin