Useful Websites for Music

In-School Rock & Pop Band Lessons | Rocksteady Music School

Find out more about Rocksteady and your child could join one of our bands in school. At the moment, the bands practise every Thursday morning in school time, and we are looking forward to seeing them perform at the end of term.

Chrome Music Lab (

Experiment by making different sounds and using lots of musical styles.

Music – BBC Bitesize

This website has loads of great activities and learning opportunities.

Children’s Music | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn

A radio station created just for children so you shouldn’t have to worry about lyrics or other content which is inappropriate.

LPOnline: Elephants in the Custard | LPOnline

Performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, this tells a lovely story whilst some great music is being performed. You can even learn the song! This is aimed at our younger children, but it may be something you would enjoy as a family.

Music at Home (

This resource was created when we were remote learning but is all still available. There are some amazing activities on here including a four part series teaching you how to play a cup rhythm to the Adams Family theme tune.